Fancy Ramyn EP

by Ramyn King

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This is a small tribute to the Fancy Lad Skate Company of Boston.
Track 1 - an imaginary theme song
Track 2 - i don't wanna see you anymore
Tracks 3 - 5 - the beach blobs trilogy

come order some fancy ramen


released March 3, 2015

Thanks to Mike Lindquist for lots of help.



all rights reserved


Ramyn King Baltimore, Maryland

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Track Name: Fancy Lad Gaiden
don’t take your shoes off in this house
you can grind your toes on a mouse
the neighbor girls walk by and wave
i trick on gravel driveways

potatoes by the sack
fry em til theyre black
marmelades my favorite brand
i trick on an old spraypaint can

i need, to go to sleep
but my bed is on the street
i don’t get paid, i don’t get laid
i just wanna laser blade

so i skate around my hood
just like a grwoing boy should
got no hot guys on my crew
but i’m a fancy lad and i love you

im sleepin with the ghost
he made me brekke made some toast
broke my dishes broke my door
i trick on mudprints on the floor

i need, to go to sleep
but my bed is on the street
i don’t get paid, i don’t get laid
i just wanna laser blade

i needa kill some time
got some weed i got some wine
though i dont know what to do
i’m a fancy lad and i love you
Track Name: BYM
really mean it when i say i love you
very hard to do
reaching inside to say i love you too
but i really dont
dont worry bae i got a buffer zone
call you on the phone

when its time to blow your mind

your love is poison mine is hard to find
and you wont this time
what im saying might come as a surprise
but my love has died
so promise me we wont make each other cry
keep it all inside

till its time to blow your mind

said i loved you never meant i really loved you
youre not capable of loving me complete
the way i need

now its time to blow your mind
never loved you all this time
Track Name: Bulletin Board
is there something still in the way
buried deep under a decade
drowing down in a desert arcade

take me to token eastern land
Where the words are written in sand
Let my people go rad again

swimming in your cell
dripping in your stream
its not a dream. its only mystery
To pry yourself from the bulletin board

There's no reason we're all in bands
radio let go - all of our hands
we have not heard all that we can

crack open that shell on your brain
let no runny noise go to waste
cook up something that tastes like taste

why does history seem
like a whispered scream
its not a scene. its contemporary
so pry yourself from the bulletin board
Track Name: Hot Bus Hellride
1990s sun 90s fonts 90s asses
jenny lewis wearing 90s glasses

psycho virgo in the night sky
summer’s on it way

had it covered, so thought i
crazy when i took my
hot bus hellride

polaroid photograph of doctor martin
angelina jolie's on the heroin

see the wail of a guitar
screaming come inside

love you but i dont know why
we'll just burn inside my
hot bus hellride

(tv sucks man its lame)
(diy tattoo of a flame)

(tonight we need this liquor)
(so we came come of age together)

(maybe im a tea head)
(sorry i got you suspended)

(grownups are all the same)
(dont they know theyre so damn lame)